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Khúc Tango Xuân

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Nhạc và lời: Trần Bảo Như
Hoà âm: Thanh Quảng
Tiếng hát: Thanh Hằng
Video: Annemieke van Leeuken
English translation: Cao-Đắc Tuấn

Nhóm thực hiện thân ái gửi tặng BBT và độc giả Danlambao Khúc Tango Xuân như một lời chúc Xuân chân thành nhất...
The Tango Spring Passage

Hello Spring, the charming and dreamy painting,
Vast green meadows to the horizon, stretching.
Scattering in the air with elegant ease,
green leaves and brown twigs sway to the gentle breeze,
as if waving at the season of joy and rebirth.
Their greetings linger on the awakened earth.

Spring arrives with thousands of blooming flowers
when nature wakes up in the early hours.
Yellow apricot blossoms open
after a long cold sleep, beaten.
Shy pinkish cherry blossoms blush
like your cheeks in our first love crush.
Bold dark red velvet roses whisper
the sounds when your soft lips shiver.

My dear, as spring comes, sparkling drops of sunshine
reflect in your dreamy eyes and intertwine
with your dress lap, the butterflies in their dance,
then fall on our path, in the afternoon’s trance.

We kiss each other rather hesitantly,
like in our first love - pure, childish, and silly.
Our love radiates shades of flowers blooming.
Vivid, brilliant, colorful, and dazzling.
Through the ups and downs like blustery weather,
how remarkable we are still together.

My love, do you feel stirred as graceful Spring comes?
The silence of the distant time faintly hums
The orchid cactus bathes in the moonlight,
opening its petals in only one night.
The lovely lily shows off its white pistil,
and purple pansies sink, lovesick and dismal.

Wildflowers spread the spring soul in silent call.
Love floods all over with compassion for all.
My dear friends, the expatriates far away
and the wanderers trekking day after day,
our wish in this lovely season to come true
that we will come and get together anew.
© Copyright 2019 Dân Làm Báo, All rights reserved

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