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Call for Participation - Victims of state sanctioned injustice in Vietnam

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The “Hand-in-Hand with Dân Oan” International Day will be organised in many cities across various countries worldwide on Saturday, February 27th, 2016, for the following purposes:

- On this particular day, concerned Vietnamese and foreign friends across the world will join together to share the pains of Dân Oan (Victims of State Sanctioned Injustice in Vietnam), to show sympathy and support for the voices of Dân Oan, and to make all the world aware of the tragic situations of Dân Oan.

- Together, we demand that Justice and Human Rights be truly served by the Vietnamese government in order to stop the increasing crimes against innocent people in Vietnam, especially because Vietnam is one of the elected 14 members of the United Nation Human Rights Council in 2014, responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe.

Dân Oan in Vietnam are innocent and conscientious citizens victimised by the current Vietnamese government’s wrongful policies and unjust governance methods. They exist in all 63 provinces and cities across the country, and they are from all facets of the society. They are victims of state sanctioned mistreatment because of any reasons that the authorities want to frame them. They are victims of “land grabbing”, victims of illegal convictions, victims of police brutality, victims of unlawful imprisonment, victims who are unjustifiably killed by the unrighteous legal system, and victims who are mistreated only because they exercise their basic rights to freedom of opinion, expression and religious belief. Dân Oan can be peasants, labourers, monks/priests, students, teachers, public servants, artists, intellectuals, etc.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Participating in the “Hand-in-Hand with Dân Oan” International Day, 27/02/2016, you will contribute to the collective voices worldwide (at the present time, Vietnamese communities from 20 cities in various nations have joined the cause) to raise the international concern and create pressure against the Vietnamese authorities, forcing them to stop the tragic situations of Dân Oan in Vietnam.

We will officially notify the “Hand-in-Hand with Dân Oan” International Day, its goal, objectives and action time to the United Nation Human Rights Committee, to all foreign Embassies in Vietnam, to international organisations for Human Rights protection, and to the international media and social networks.

Please contact us by email:
Our Facebook page:, or contact our local organisers (as listed on our Facebook page) for more information on locations and activities for this event.

Thank you for your concern of Dân Oan, and we look forward to your valuable support.

From all participating members of the “Hand-in-Hand with Dân Oan” International Day.

Hand-in-Hand with Dân Oan

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