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Tien Giang: Workers Strike against New Salary Policy

Danlambao’s reader – Several days in a row, from March 9th 2016, more than 8,000 workers at Du Duc Ltd. Company (Tan Huong industrial park, Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang province) simultaneously went on strike in protest against the company’s new method of calculating productivity and salaries.

Photo: Hoang Phuong (Thanh Nien newspaper)

With a 11,826 strong-workforce, Du Duc Vietnam Ltd. Co. is a 100% Taiwanese-invested firm specialized in production and sales of leather shoes.

According to Mr. Truong Van Hien, chairman of Tien Giang Labor Federation, Du Duc Ltd. Co. used to apply a time-based calculation of salaries. This means the workers get a pay raise when they have worked long enough for a particular duration.Now, to increase salaries, the company is going to classify workers into levels of A,B and C in terms of the number workdays and products.

This new policy was protested by the workers, however.

The 2-day strike has resulted in meetings between the authorities concerned in Tien Giang and Du Duc Vietnam Ltd. Management.

In answer to the press, Ms. Pham Thi Mai Tien, representative of the Management Board of industrial parks in Tien Giang province, spoke: “Du Duc company has to temporarily suspend the policy. Its adoption, if it is likely to be applied in the future, has to be based on a step-by-step process from the basic working units. Only when the policy proves to be effective will it be put to good use on a large scale.”

This has been the 3rd time in a row in 2016 that workers in major cities and provinces nationwide went on strike on a large scale in protest against changes that negatively impact their daily lives.

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