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Notice of Outdoor Discussions on Human Rights

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WE - the Free Citizens - Human Rights are stipulated in the Constitution and they are also universal values of the human race that are recognized in the two United Nations International Conventions on Human Rights, of which the Vietnamese Government is a signatory. 

How have these rights been observed and protected, particularly in the life of each of us, each of our relatives and friends? 

How have Human Rights abuses affected the life and the aspirations to happiness of each of us and each of our family members? Definitely, every one of us has different real-life experience of this, and that is what we need to share with one another.

From the viewpoint, experience and aspiration of each individual as well as the common desire of the entire community, how should Human Rights be improved so that Vietnam can soon become a country with rich people and an equal, democratic and civilized society? This would certainly be a topic of concern for all of us. 

Our dear friends, 

In our wish to see benign community activities and to create opportunities for discussions on what should be done to help build an affluent society, we do hope that you will take part in these outdoor social gatherings. 

Specific schedules: 

WE - the Free Citizens - cordially invite young people and your parents to participate in our outdoor social gatherings. 

Each of us shall bring our own snack foods. This will be a chance for us to meet, to have leisure, to make friends, and to discuss together Human Rights practice in our life. 

Time: 8.30 am, May 5, 2013 


In Saigon: The April 30 Park, Le Duan Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 
Contact person: Nguyen Hoang Vi – Cell phone: 01287 123 126 

In Nha Trang: Bach Dang Park, Tran Phu Street, opposite to the Navy Academy 
Contact person: Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh – Cell phone: 0905 140 835 

In Hanoi: Nghia Do Park, Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District 
Contact person: Nguyen Van Dung – Cell phone: 0974 468 775 

We sincerely thank you! 

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