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An protestor found dead, likely killed

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Như Ngọc (Danlambao) – This weekend, a heartbreaking message has been passed around on Facebook: “Mr. Nguyen Vu Vy (Facebooker Quê Thuốc Lào) was found dead in his studioapartment in Hanoi, most likely murdered.”

Mr. Nguyen Vu Vy, born in the city Hai Phong in 1973, had been an active anti-China protestor who regularly participated in peaceful protests in Hanoi. His sudden death left the activist community in grief.

Reportedly, all attempts to contact Mr. Nguyen Vu Vy have been unsuccessful since the evening on June 21. All of his contact numbers have been disconnected.

Last Friday, one of his friends became worried and went to Vy’s studioapartment in Hanoi, to find him. Upon arriving, the lady saw the entrance door and its security door were locked outside with locks. This gave her a suspicion that something was wrong and she called the owner to open up Vy’s apartment.

When the room was opened, everyone was shocked to find Vy dead. Vy always kept his motorcycle in his room, but when his friend entered his room, the motorcycle was gone. This lead the witnesses to suspect that their friend had been murdered, and that someone stole the motorcycle. According to his friend, this most likely happened sometime late evening June 20th or during June 21st.

The police was called and it is reported that an autopsy will be conducted to find cause of death.

Right after the death of Mr. Nguyen Vu Vy was announced, several condolences have surfaced on the social network Facebook. His friends said Vy will be remembered as a courteous man who always helped and treated others well. In addition, he also spent most of the time to participate in, and support, many patriotic activities in Hanoi.

Rest in peace, Vy. Your spirit goes on.

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