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Victims of Communism: live witness from Vietnam.

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Hung Nguyen (Danlambao) - Communism had bought deaths and holocaust to millions of people in the world. In all communist countries, only their own people were the victims, not just a few thousand but many hundred thousand, many million. The Victims of Communism Memorial was erected in Washington DC in 2007 to remember and honour more than 100 million victims of communism.

The killing and maiming are still going on in the last 5 remaining communist countries: China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Laos. Noticeably, the worst inhumane treatments are in China, North Korea, and Vietnam.

The below report made by the Catholic Church group “Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế” shows the inhumane side of the Vietnamese communist regime, even in this modern time of the 21th century. The story of Mr Anh Tri Nguyen, a prisoner of conscience, was jailed for 14 years for raising his view on the Vietnamese communist regime peacefully. The Vietnamese communists had secretly infected him with the deadly HIV-AIDS virus in their prisons. The Vietnamese communists only let him free knowing that he was in the last stage of the AIDS disease and will not live for long. This inhumane practice has been going on in Vietnam. The most recent similar case was about the death of Mr Dinh Dang Dinh, a high school teacher, jailed for opposing the Bauxite project constructed by the Chinese communists in Central high land of Vietnam. He was suspected to be poisoned while in jail for only about three years. He died only after a few months set free by the Vietnamese communist regime.


Jasmine Tran (Danlambao) - Prisoner of conscience Huỳnh Anh Trí’s story – Part 1/4 (30 June 2014)

Before imprisonment, former prisoner of conscience Huỳnh Anh Trí was in wholly full health. However, upon his release from jail, he carried the disease of the century: HIV/AIDS. According to doctors' diagnosis, Tri got HIV during the time he served his sentence in prison. Now, the disease is developing in its advanced stage - AIDS. 

Huỳnh Anh Trí, together with fellow prisoners of conscience, Dr Nguyễn Đan Quế, Buddhist monk Thích Thiện Minh, Nguyễn Hữu Cầu, Huỳnh Anh Tú, journalist Trương Minh Đức, and Nguyễn Bắc Truyển have produced a great deal of evidence accusing prison officers, prison guards… (specifically in Prison Z30 Xuân Lộc) of intentionally inflicting deadly harm onto prisoners, particularly political prisoners.

This revelation, regarding health care under the communist prison system, has been carefully covered up over 40 years. Under such a system, prison officers, guards, and wardens consistently treat criminal prisoners and political prisoners in terribly inhuman ways.

To be continued (interview transcript to follow).

Interview conducted by Vietnamese Redemptorist News
Youtube subtitles in English by Nguyễn Hùng
Introduction translated by Jasmine


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