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Our call in opposition to the welcoming visit of Xi Jinping by Vietnamese Communist Party

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To all our fellow citizen,
To all our youth in Viet Nam (specially the younger generations),

Exercising our civil rights and duty, we had requested the government to cancel the welcoming reception of Xi Jinping. The country’s red carpet ceremony shall not be used for the leader of a country which has been seizing our land and islands, killing our innocent fishermen. Unfortunately, this request was ignored by our government.

On this coming November 5th 2015, Xi Jinping – The Chinese Communist Party‘s Secretary and Chairman will officially visit our country and he will deliver a speech in front of our country’s parliament. He will preach nothing but preaching the brotherly friendship between the two counties with flowery but empty speech.

All the while, in South China Sea, which we called Eastern Sea, this Beijing’s authorities have been ignoring the international law, especially The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) signed and declared in 1982, in which they are a member. They had created falsified historic documents for use in spreading propaganda to Chinese people and its citizens in order to claim their rights to protect this false sovereignty.

Xi Jinping and his government have presented this lie repeatedly.

In reality, almost all our exclusive economic zones at sea and on land have been taken and occupied illegally by this Chinese government. They often use their much larger marine surveillance vessels and fishing vessels to attack and to kill our innocent fishermen in our own legal parts of the Eastern Sea. Thousands and tens of thousands of our fishermen's livelihoods were, in the time being, and will be the victims of this brazen robbery everyday at our own sea, which has been approved, and declared by the international law. Beside these attacks, our own citizens have been kidnapped, mugged, and ransomed by these thugs on our own sovereignty.

On our own legal islands and their rocky shoals, they illegally created and built their military bases with the intention of claiming the rest of this part of Pacific Ocean.

Internationally, by declaring this illegal nine-dashed line and building these illegal military bases, Xi Jinping and his Communist Government have threaten the peace in the area, the freedom of navigation. They therefore, make this a war and polluted sea.

In their own country, China, Xi Jinping and his government have destroyed the cultures of the Muslim in Xinjiang and the Tibetan in Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan.

The rebellions of the Muslims and the self-immolations of the Tibetan speak volume for the resentments, and hopelessness against the terrorized and destroyed policies which the Communist in China deliberately implements. 

Facing these occurrences, what shall we think and do?

The Vietnamese Communist Party will definitely and solemnly roll out the red carpet to welcome Xi Jinping, and so do we, but with our own way (method). 

Exercising our rights as Vietnamese citizens, we have to raise our voices. The law and Constitution allow us to express our aspirations.

We call upon to all Vietnamese living domestically and internationally, to take part (to participate) in a public demonstration to voice our concerns in front of any Chinese Consulates and Embassies in Ha Noi, in Sai Gon, and in all other countries in the world.

We cannot ignore or keep silent regard to this lie any longer.

Our message is: Xi Jinping and his Beijing Government Have to Stop At Once (immediately) the illegal and awful acts in terrorizing and killing our fishermen. Vietnamese sovereignty regards to Paracel and Spratly Islands have to be respected absolutely and completely. Xi Jinping and his Beijing Government Have to Respect and to Obey (to comply or to observe) The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

All our Vietnamese Citizens, it’s time to speak up. Do not back down or give in to any plots and acts that violate our Sacred National Sovereignty (which has been passed down for thousands of years.)


Nov 5th 2015 at 9AM (in the morning)


- Ha Noi : The Embassy of Chinese, 46 Hoang Dieu St, Ba Dinh District.
- Sai Gon : The Consulate of Chinese, 175 Hai Ba Trung St. 3 District.


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