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State ISP develops new tactic to destroy access to Danlambao

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Video on VNPT's plot: Every access to Dan Lam Bao is redirected to VnExpress

Dear readers,

As from mid-day today, November 17, 2013, the state-owned Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, VNPT, has taken technical measures to redirect any access to Dan Lam Bao. This attempt was exposed when many online readers, on trying to access Dan Lam Bao, found the browsers lead them to another website, 

Specifically, when readers log onto Dan Lam Bao at, VNPT's server will immediately stop them from entering the site, then redirect them automatically to rather than their desired page.

At 2pm, many readers and VNPT suscribers in different locations reported and confirmed the problem. Tests by Dan Lam Bao's correspondents gave the same result even when they used Google DNS.

To counter this interference by VNPT, you can use firewall circumvention softwares such as Ultrasurf, Hotspot Shield, etc. to access Dan Lam Bao.

This can be said to be an implicit measure by VNPT aimed at barring Internet users from accessing free information on Dan Lam Bao in particular and the net in general.

VNPT's attempt to redirect access shows that VNPT has brazenly intruded into the accounts of its customers, especially Dan Lam Bao's readers.

In addition, VNPT's secret redirection of users' access without their consent constitutes cheating. 

VNPT is a major state-owned corporation whose customers account for 62.82% of the Internet market in Vietnam. Since the late 2010, VNPT has developed blockade against Dan Lam Bao. In the following years, the corporation has also intensified technical measures to block entire access to Dan Lam Bao. 

Less than one week after its entry into United Nations Human Rights Council, the Vietnamese government, via its VNPT, has made serious violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 19 of the Declaration provides that “everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

This happened shortly after Dan Lam Bao published a statement by the Network of Vietnamese Bloggers on Vietnam's Entry into UNHRC.

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