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The Communist Vietnamese government is trying to assassinate its dissidents?

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Ngoc Nhi Nguyen (Danlambao) - Mr Nguyen Chi Tuyen is a keen democracy activist and a real gentleman. He is funny, witty and polite to all. He was present at all of the pro democracy events in Viet Nam and he was always there when his friends got beaten up by the police to support them. This morning, it was his turn to be beaten up, and the injuries were so severe, they could easily have killed him!

Mr Tuyen Chi Nguyen is a member of the No U Football Club in Ha Noi. He became an activist many years ago, protesting against the invasion of China of the Spratly and Paracel archipelago of Viet Nam. He subsequently criticized the communist Vietnamese government over many issues, demanding democracy, freedom of speech and human rights for all. As the result, he was attacked many times by the police (disguised in plain clothes) and was forbidden from traveling abroad. 

The morning of 11-05-2015, Mr Chi Tuyen took his child to school, on the way back he was ambushed by a group of 4-5 policemen in plain clothes, pretending to be common thugs, and got hit on the head many times.

Mr Chi Tuyen has no enemies, apart from the Communist Party. His way of protesting is completely peaceful. He walks and cycles around the city, bearing the messages advocating for democracy and freedom. He has never been violent in anyway to anyone. Therefore the only people who could have hated him that much to beat him in such a way that it could cause him death or severe brain injuries, is the Vietnamese government. However, as they do not want to draw criticism from politicians and human rights organizations around the world, they got their police officers to disguise as civilians. 

Mr Chi Tuyen is one of many political dissidents who recently got ambushed and bashed savagely in this manner. Other peaceful bloggers and dissidents had suffered similar wounds requiring hospitalization. They all got hit on the head and these injuries could potentially kill them.

Yet Viet Nam continues to be a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations? This is ridiculous and is a shame to the Council. I call on the United Nations to expel Viet Nam from the Council, or at least to set up a supervising body with an office based in Viet Nam. 

These barbaric acts can not be allowed to continue!!


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