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Police brutally beats female worker suspected in a phone theft case

Lai Thi Thu, photo courtesy of Phapluattp.vn
CTV Danlambao * Translated  by Nhu Ngoc (Danlambao) - A new case of police brutality recently occurred at the Industrial Zone of Trang Bang, Tay Ninh province.

Suspecting Lai Thi Thu, 23, a female worker at Kollex, of stealing a coworker’s cell phone, a Trang Bang policeman, Ly Hong Van, used kicks and batons to torture Thu, forcing her to admit guilt.

Thu was hospitalized at Xuyen A Hospital in Cu Chi, Saigon. The victim suffers multiple injuries on her head, belly, thighs and legs.

On October 20, 2015, Van summoned Thu to the police station for questioning after Thu’s coworker reported her cell phone, which is worth about 11 million VND or 500 USD, was stolen.

During an ordeal lasting two hours in police station, Thu had been repeatedly interrogated, kicked, and beaten with batons by Van for rejecting the charge of stealing.

Upon her releasing, Thu reported the incident to the company, and was taken to Trang Bang Hospital for a triage. Her family later took her to Xuyen A Hospital for further treatment. Reviewing the video surveillance, the company confirms Thu is not related to phone theft.

Trang Bang police station says Van is currently suspended.

According to Phap Luat Online newspaper, representatives of Trang Bang Industrial Park Police then visited Thu and offered her family some cash enclosed in an envelope for “helping the family pay medical bills.” However, the cash offer was denied by the family. "Uncle Van also came to rental room to apologize to my family. But I just want to be settled in accordance with law. I was unjustly treated and want to regain my honor," said Thu.

Thu’s family has learned that the owner of the stolen phone is a relative of Van.

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