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Vietnamese: Dupe victims of China

Nguyen Xuan Anh Da Nang party Secretary and Da Nang City Chairman Huynh Duc Tho

VNCH-Ngoc Truong (Danlambao) - News on October 8, 2017 said that the people trading in Son tay, Quang Ngai, was blatantly duped for the purchase of the young betel nuts. Chinese traders stopped buying goods after everthing was ready. Just after one night all goods were dumped. Mid September, the price of betel nuts in Quang Ngai plain is about 14,000 to 18,000 VND / kg, in Son Tay the price is 25,000 VND / kg. Small traders compete to buy both the young and the old betel nuts to dry up to export to China.

In early October, wholesalers to China were to reduce the price to 18,000 VND / kg, then stopped buying preterm. Some people in Huy Mang (Son Dung village, Son Tay province) lost 40 million VND because of the truck of goods was returned. A few weeks ago, a cinnamon cultivator in Que Phong, Quang Ngai, saw many people collect the leaves of cinnamon to sell to Chinese merchants. Cinnamon growers never saw anyone buy leaves of cinnamon.

It was not the first time such bizarre purchases happened:

- Around 1997, Chinese said to buy cats at high prices. People scattered all over to get cats. They even steal cats for sale. The worst epidemic was in 1997 - 1998, in part due to the number of cats that disappeared.

- In 2004, killing water buffalo clawed in the countryside, then the price of four claws is equal to... a buffalo itself when selling to the Chinese merchant. People and the thieves were to get claws to sell. In a very short time, the number of buffaloes decreased, the traction for farmers suffered serious damage.

- At the end of 2012, Chinese merchant visited Chau Thanh (Hau Giang) to buy cassava and cassava leaves at 1,500 VND / kg, causing people to rush to plant. Only a year after the price of cassava leaves fell, buyers disappeared. Cassava growers were in panic, losing young leaves, causing cassava roots to fail.

- In 2013, highland was the target of the Chinese to buy roots of pepper at 40,000 VND / kg. Poor people, digging stolen pepper roots for sale, tens of hectares of pepper were destroyed.

- In 2014 in An Lao, Binh Dinh, betel leaves are also bought by Chinese buyers. In An Quang, An Hoa and An Hung communes, trading in betel roaring. The price of betel from 5.000d / kg increased gradually to 45,000d / kg. High prices, people leave the field, they took all the betel strings at home, going to the forest to find betel leaves. There are more, such as buying baby crocodiles, buying timbers...

The people are really foolish, fascinated by high price, do not know that such self-harm would come to them. Their deeds damaged to the long-term economic plan, ecological balance, loss of food balance, the destruction of plants and fruit. The authorities also did not intervene at all, not educate, guide the public. Repression is good, arrests, beatings and tortures are even better by the government. Officials failed to fulfill the task of leading but preferring to declare: "Party leadership is superb...", they turned a blind eye to Chinese sabotage to Vietnamese economy.

The Communist party and the government of Vietnam let traders, real estate, hotels investors do what they want, actually they are undercover agents of Chinese intelligence service. The land around the Nuoc man (means salted water) airbase, Da Nang is one typical case. Nuoc man airbase is located in Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, with a runway of 1400m long. Previously the airport was built by US Air Force as helicopter base (UH1, Chinook), propelled-cargo plane (Caribou), or observation (L19) in the war. The perimeter of the airbase must have a minimum safety space for the aircraft to land safely, or in the event of a wreck, fire and fire route must be spacious for emergency tasks. Military airfields need more security, the far away from any observer. Military security is always a key element in war or peace.

The land around the airport was sold to China by the Vietnamese in Da Nang on paper. Many of the poor, precarious populace who have money from the "sky" (or from the Chinese imperial court) have bought many strategic, tactical lots.

With just about 3 meters high fence is Nuoc man airbase the other side of the street located a Chines hotel. Although it was let for a private company for tourism, it was in fact still a military airport under the jurisdiction of Vietnam 3rd Naval Region.

Social activist and resident in Da Nang, Truong Duy Nhat, told VOA his investigation revealed Chinese citizens were behind the land purchase, local Vietnamese were used as legitimate buyers.

"It is very difficult to stop this type of transaction," he said. They are Vietnamese who have money. How can you ban them? 

Dao Tan Bang, chairman of the People's Council of Ngu Hanh Son, said 71 Chinese helpers bought 137 lots along My Khe Beach, which the authorities deemed strategically sensitive to security and defense.

In his address to government officials, Danang Secretary Nguyen Xuan Anh called on relevant agencies to tighten land management in security and defense areas.

The Danang authorities suspend a construction project run by the Chinese company to revisit the height limit because the building is located between two military zones.

Nguyen Xuan Anh: "Da Nang absolutely do not exchange sovereignty, territorial integrity to get any economic benefits. All land transactions must comply with the law. Da Nang leaders will pay attention to the transfer of land to foreigners."

A five-star hotel about 30-floor high built by 
Silver Shores Investment and Development Co. (Chines company). 
This project is only 50 meters from the Nuoc man Airbase.

- Nguyễn Lành (Colonel) former commander of the 375th Division of the Air Defense Forces: "Do not let any unit build higher than 12m near the airport."

- "Land adjacent to the airport, not sold to anyone, if it falls into the hands of others, it is very dangerous to let them build a hotel, get married and set up Chinatown on the coastal road of Da Nang", Trần Minh Hùng (Major General).

- Lê Mã Lương (Major General), former Director of Military History Museum: "For the Chinese to hide their land in such a way, I certainly have an influence, a direct impact, even very dangerous to the issue of defense and security."

- Tran Cong Luc, former head of the Government Boundary office: "The phenomenon of Chinese buying land, building projects around some sensitive areas, airports in Da Nang or setting up shops that sell only to their people is unusual and very worth thinking.".

Whether or not the collision of Nguyen Xuan Anh (Da Nang Party Secretary) and Huynh Duc Tho (Chairman of Da Nang People's Committee) with the Chinese business (actually overseas intelligence agents) behind the land acquisition and hotel construction site to observe Nuoc man airbase in 2015. Then the construction of Golden Bay Hotel that has golden swimming pool, 27 floors, 1600 rooms, was inaugurated, with Hồ Càn Văn presence (Càn Văn former Chinese Ambassador flying from Beijing to Da Nang to attend) all proved that China increasingly forced Hanoi to eliminate Nguyen Xuan Anh and Huynh Duc Tho, these two like the javelin to the side, against the projects near Tien sa seaport and Nuoc man airbase. Vietnam's annexation is inevitable. From the very top of Golden Gulf Hotel, Chinese secret agents could observe all activities in the area of ​​Tien Sa seaport, ships coming in and out, day or night. Secret agents only need to lease some rooms in the hotel, enough to make an observation post and communication station for Chinese navy and Chinese intelligence services.

Tien Sa port pictures taken from the top floor of Golden Bay hotel.

Xuan Anh or Duc Tho, or any other young, old, or any Vietnam Communist members are the same. Bunch of lies, self-interest, they are good in torture innocent people, suppressed freedom. They can not give up the oppressive dictatorship, which is their fulcrum to maintain power.

What is worth mentioning: the objective of occupying and dominating Vietnam is increasingly evident through the pre-invasion activities of secret agents to clear the way regardless the oppositon from the people of Vietnam. Hanoi might know about the invasion plot of China, but always looks the other way, that is how the top leaders can stay in power.

Why Da Nang?

From Sanya of Hainan island to Danang city: 281km, the shortest.

Sanya is 332km from Hoang Sa (Paracel islands)

Danang city to Hoang Sa (Paracel islands) 384km.

Link these three points will make a strategic triangle zone, stopping the sea way into the Gulf of Tonkin, Haiphong port. From Hue city back up north, the supply line was overpowered. At war, transportation of food from south to north will be impeded, fuel tankers will not make its way to Hai Phong port due to blockade. Hanoi will be under siege, and will collapse quickly, dependence on railroad and land transport that could have been under heavy attack by PL Air force or sabotages by local Chinese. Besides, B611 short range missiles for example, if fired from Sanya, or Hoang Sa (Paracel islands), or shot from Danang city can reach far enough to destroy any ships, boats in the strategic triangle zone. 

Can Hanoi leaders see all that, still do nothing, take charge of general Truong Giang Long, Xuan Anh, Duc Tho because of the heavy pressure from China showed the weakness of Hanoi.

It is regrettable for the Vietnamese people, suffering so long in war, losing faith in the rulers, poor life, overwhelmed by money, power would let long-term enemy win.

What to do for Vietnamese people?

Insurrection must originate in the country. Do not cooperate, benefit the Chinese.

Overseas Vietnamese should appeal world-wide support through donation, media activites, petitions to government where they live to show righteousness of our cause, minimize the purchase of Chinese goods. Stop travelling to China, doing business with China, or buying fake products (it could be fake Burberry scarf, or handbags of Hermes, Louis Vuitton,...) made in China.

God helps those who help themselves



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