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A plea for help for victims of police brutality

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Như Ngọc (Danlambao) - Twenty two people - including bloggers, rights activists, and former political prisoners - arbitrarily arrested on February 11, 2014 when they headed to the home of Ms. Bui Thi Kim Phuong, the fiancée of lawyer Nguyen Bac Truyen, are still being held incommunicado by police. 

Meanwhile, dozens of regime-hired thugs, police and undercover security agents are setting up checkpoints to block access to the house of Ms. Phuong.

The clouds of terror have covered over a small and peaceful village in Southern Vietnam, where most of local residents are Hoa Hao Buddhist, since Dong Thap Police dispatched hundreds of police and security agents to conduct a violent raid to arbitrarily arrest the rights lawyer on February 9, 2014. He was released the next day and forced to return to his parents’ home in Saigon. 

After the raid, all the doors in Ms. Phuong’s house were smashed and severely damaged. Her family tries to hire repair men to fix the doors but police prevent them from accessing her house. She is very worried about the safety of her family. 

Reportedly, Ms. Phuong and another female family member are living in her house in constant fear. At night, regime-hired thugs or police continually throw rocks on the corrugated galvanized steel roof of the house disrupting their sleep and terrorizing their mind. 

Many believe that by ordering these arbitrary arrests and detentions, the authorities try to disrupt the wedding of Mr. Truyen and Ms. Phuong, which is scheduled on February 18, 2014, preventing him from becoming a permanent resident of Dong Thap. Since moving to Dong Thap, lawyer Nguyen Bac Truyen has made a great effort to help local residents know their rights and report human rights violations to various international bodies. 

Again, we are posting a list of 17 identified people of the detainees, along with the phone numbers of the police station where they are being held, and urge everyone to do whatever they can to press for their release and voice support for the family of Ms. Phuong. 

1. Bui Thị Minh Hang 
2. Luu Trong Kiet 
3. Pham Nhat Thinh 
4. Tran Van Thuong 
5. Huynh Anh Tu 
6. Huynh Anh Tri 
7. Mr. Quynh (Facebook Nho Ca Chon) 
8. Vo Van Thanh Liem 
9. Vo Van Buu 
10. Vo Van Bao (son of Vo Van Buu) 
11. Tran Thi Thuy 
12. The husband of Tran Thi Thuy 
13. Vo Thi Anh Tuyet (Nhu Buu) 
14. Vo Thi Nhan 
15. To Van Manh 
16. Truong Kim Long 
17. Mr. Manh 

Police phone numbers: 
Lap Vo police station (Dong Thap province) +84 67 3850 789
Mobile phones of the police officers: Nguyen Thanh Long +84 91 3686 559
Đo Cong Khanh +84 91 3967 696
Huynh Van Thanh +84 91 3697 975
Le Hoang Dung +84 91 3967 974

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