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Hundreds of policemen and undercover agents surrounding the home then charging in to kidnap dissident Mr Truyen Bac Nguyen

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Dieu Quyen (Danlambao) - Since yesterday, 9 February 2014, dissident Bac Truyen Nguyen, who were recently released from prison after a 3 and a half year sentence for criticizing the Government, reported on his Facebook that his family home in Hung Nhon hamlet, Long Hung B village, Lap Vo district, Dong Thap province were surrounded by hundreds of policemen and undercover agents.

Some agents, disguised as servicemen from an electrical company, tried to gain access into his house, presumably to check out the environment and to see who and how many people were in the house. Several tens of traffic officers barricaded the outside roads leading to the property, preventing local residents from approaching to see what was going on, as well as preventing concerning friends of Mr Truyen Nguyen from reaching him. Several tens more undercover agents hid in houses nearby. 

Mr Truyen Nguyen were asked to report to the local police station but no reason was given, neither was there any official paperwork. After he refused to oblige, the policemen prepared to attack the residence as the internet connection was jammed and fire extinguishers were brought in. 

Many other Hoa Hao Buddhist families in the nearby area were similarly surrounded and attacked. Concerning friends traveling in from further away were stopped by traffic police and prevented from entering the village.

Mr Truyen Nguyen posted a plea for help on his Facebook and managed to talk briefly to his friend Ms Hang Minh Thi Bui. The few minutes long exchange was posted on Youtube, in which Mr Nguyen were very upset and anxious. He was standing at the front of his house yelling at the police that they could not enter without a warrant and that what they were doing were illegal. Ms Hang Minh advised him to go back into the house, and to fight back should the police force their way in. The situation was very tense. 

As I was writing these words, news came that the police had completely cut off the internet connection as well as the electricity supply to Mr Truyen Nguyen 's home. They finally barged in, took Mr Nguyen away amid the cries and screams of his wife and family. 

Everybody is very concerned for the safety of Mr Truyen Nguyen, and very angry at the way the police behaved , with total disregard of the laws and of the rights of a citizen. 

All this comes just days after the Vietnamese Government reported at the Universal Periodic Review of the Human rights issues in Viet Nam, held in Geneva, that Viet Nam strictly adhered to all the regulations and recommendations of the Committee regarding respecting the basic rights of its citizen. 

This is another proof amongst many that the Vietnamese Government does not deserve to be a member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Not until it seriously changes its ways of treating dissidents and of anyone who refuses to bow to its lawless ways of governing.

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