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Activist Dinh Quang Tuyen assaulted by security agents

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CTV Danlambao * Translated by Như Ngọc - At 7:15 this morning, May 19, 2015, Dinh Quang Tuyen, nicknamed Tuyen Xich Lo, got a bloody face after being attacked on the street by 2 communist security agents while biking for morning exercise.

The assault took place at Dong Dieu area on Cao Lo Street, District 8, Saigon, causing bone fracture on the victim’s nose and bleeding all over his body.

Attacked by security agents

Earlier, upon leaving for the exercise, Tuyen had seen many police sitting in front of his residence. 

Once he was on the street, police immediately dispatched agents to chase him. Tuyen felt something unusual; when reaching Dong Dieu area he stopped the bike to observe his surroundings.

Quickly, two masked men on a motorcycle rushed in to throw a powerful punch in the middle of Tuyen’s face, causing blood splattered on his face that wet his shirt.

While Tuyen was falling down the attackers rode away. He managed to return home to treat his wound.

In the video clip released shortly after the attack, Tuyen firmly said "I've just been attacked by secret police!"

A warning message

Talking to Danlambao, Tuyen said the assault was a warning message to peaceful activists.

In recent days, Tuyen has repeatedly expressed on Facebook his opposition against violent actions targeted other activists like Nguyen Chi Tuyen, Tran Thi Nga and Trinh Anh Tuan. The most recent incident is police brutality against a group of civilians demanding the release of Mai Xuan Dung at Noi Bai International Airport.

"If they beat me for intimidation then they were unable to achieve the purpose," he said.

He also expressed his forgiveness toward his attackers saying they are just the tools of the authorities.

However, he said that those who gave order for wrong doings must be held accountable.

The savage assault took place on the day that the Communist party celebrated the 125 birthday anniversary of Ho Chi Minh.

Tuyen was born in 1965 and lives in Saigon. He is well-known for staging a creative campaign of “Water (nước) not for sales” in Tao Dan Park on June 08, 2014 by distributing free cool and fresh water to bypasses and displaying the messages: "Home water, not for sales" and "Loosing water means dead". In Vietnamese, the word “nước” means water, country or homeland.

On June 06, 2014, he was abducted by police while standing alone in front of the Notre Dame in Saigon holding up a banner that says "Delaying to bring China to International Court is betraying the Nation".

After participating in these activities, he has become a target for harassment by security agents and police.

On April 04, 2015, he was held for several hours by police. In the police station, a uniformed police even threaten to execute him.

Despite of the threats and harassment from the communist regime, Tuyen defiantly continues to display his courageous and indomitable attitude, and a strong fighting spirit against tyranny.

May 20, 2015
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